There is no bad blood between Julian Zietlow’s ex and his new one! The influencer became known through fitness videos together with his wife Alina. The two have been a couple since they were teenagers and also have two children together. But for a few weeks now, the Berliner has seemed like a different person. He publishes questionable things on the net and is now apparently also with another woman. What does his new partner Kate think about Julian’s Ex?

The 25-year-old explains in RTL-Interview: “We talked about this situation first. He was open with me, we were open with each other since we first met.” Kate also adds: “I respect her. I have no negative feelings towards her. He has decided to be with me. It is his decision!

But the native Russian also revealed that it didn’t spark at all from the start: “After the second meeting, I realized that I like him. That’s the love of my life.” In the meantime, however, she is obviously blown away and trumpeted out: “He is God, He is my God!”