Ed Sheeran (32) processes great pain in his latest song. The singer announced a few weeks ago that his new album “-” (“Subtract”) will be released on May 5th – but fans should hear one song in advance. On Friday he released the first track from the album: “Eyes Closed”. Ed now spoke about the meaning of the song and his inspiration for it.

In February 2022, the redhead lost his best friend Jamal Edwards (✝31), with whom he founded the music platform SBTV – apparently he has not yet completely overcome his grief and processes it in the song. “Every time you go out expecting to meet that person again, everything reminds you of them and the things you’ve done together.”he reported, according to the magazine Mirror in an interview.

The music video for the heartbreak song was inspired by one of the children’s books he likes to read to his daughters in the evenings. Grief is shown here as a blue monster and is a constant companion in life. It’s there when you go out – but also when you go to the bathroom after a long day and get ready for bed. “Sometimes you have to take yourself out of reality to numb the pain of loss”explained Ed in addition.

Source: celebtap.com