Antonia Elena and Christian Wolf don’t give up. The fitness influencers got engaged about two years ago and are dying to start a family. The beauty was recently pregnant with the help of artificial insemination – but she lost the embryo again. The two openly share the whole journey with their fans. Now Christian and Toni explain why they want to show the fertility journey.

“We will continue to fight to have such a little boy and we won’t stop there,” the two tell each other celebrity flash. They hope that by sharing their path, they will break the silence surrounding the topic of having children. “So many people have written to us from their private lives, people who have three children where you would never have expected it, but who had had six miscarriages before that.”admits Christian and adds: “That’s why we hope that by sharing this so openly and also sharing it in real time, some people who have similar problems feel picked up.”

Antonia and Christian only shared the sad news with their fans on Thursday. “And we lost Knirps, everything makes sense, we don’t give up and it will all come together at the right time.”they showed themselves in their Instagram-Story confident.