Elyas (40) and Jessica M’Barek ended up in the USA! The actor and his partner tied the knot at a romantic ceremony in Ibiza last year. Other than that, not much is known about their relationship. In February, the two showed up together on the red carpet for the first time. now spoke jessica even about her move: You and Elyas now live in New York – but what brought you there?

In the Galainterview, the 35-year-old divulged that she and Elyas have just moved into an apartment in the Dumbo district: “New York is the perfect place for the two of us.” For jessica life in the metropolis is nothing new either – she has lived there for over 20 years. So she seems to know her stuff well and has already shown her husband her favorite place, the Nitehawk Cinema: “We both love to see indie films and there is always a menu to go with the film. There is also salted truffle popcorn that we almost inhale.”

Elyas had already stressed last year that he would definitely have a family together jessica could imagine. The most important thing for him, however, is to be just as happy in the future: “It doesn’t matter if I have four children, five dogs and a house with a garden – these are only external things. I want to be just as happy when I’m 50 as I am now.”

Source: celebtap.com