Carina Nl had her reasons! It’s hot with Are You The One? and Yasin Mohamed (31): The two are taking part in the current season of Ex on the Beach, where there were quick sparks between the reality stars. But after the blonde forbade the man from Munich to sleep next to her in bed, he made himself comfortable with his ex. The result: he and Paulina Ljubas (26) had sex. Carina revealed why she Yasins didn’t want to allow closeness at night.

Via Instagramstory, the beauty answered her fans’ questions. One of them wanted to know why Yasin not allowed to sleep next to her. “I’m closed that evening Yasin I said that out of respect Pauline don’t sleep next to him”explained Carina thereupon. She took into account the feelings of the 26-year-old: “Because she suffered so much that evening. And then I’m closed Yasin said, ‘if you really want to sleep next to me, then you can wait one more night’. That was the real reason.”

What happens next between the two remains to be seen. Despite his hot number with Pauline appears Yasin still hanging on to the influencer. In an interview with celebrity flash had he revealed he was interested in her since day one: “I found Carina optically simply mega appealing and her relaxed and cool manner caught my eye right from the start.”