Last Friday, Joachim Llambi (58) wore his donation pants! The Let’s Dance juror from the very beginning rated the celebrities on the dance floor show by show. Many fear his harsh criticism. But in the past show, the dance professional was surprisingly positive and actually awarded high scores. Why was it that Llambi was so nice to everyone on Friday?

“Last night was a super exciting, emotional and great show and you have to reward that with good points”Llambi explained on Saturday Picture. Apparently this season all the dancers are doing pretty well: “The couples are very close together and of course that promises a lot of excitement for the last five shows.” New favorites would emerge every week.

One in particular was surprised by Llambi’s high score on Friday: Knossi (36)! The streamer and his dance partner Isabel Edvardsson (40) received nine points for his rocking Paso Doble. Knossi started screaming with excitement. “Thank you Llambi, thank you man,” he broke out, touched.