Juliano speaks plain text: That’s why the relationship with Sandra Janina (23) ended. Since the beginning of 2021, the Are You the One? candidate and the blonde have been a couple. In 2021, they faced the big loyalty test at Temptation Island VIP and left the show together. After their separation in September 2022, the two met separately again at Prominent, but after another attempt their relationship finally failed. Now Juliano announced the reasons.

“There were just too many trust issues in the past because of me”the reality star explained in his Instagram-Story. He also made it clear: “We didn’t have any arguments afterwards, we just sat down and ended it reasonably.” Both had to realize that they were too different. Nevertheless, Juliano does not regret a single day of the two-year relationship and wishes his ex Sandra only the best.

After the “celebrity separated” pronunciation of the two reality stars, many fans had hoped for a love comeback. At the time, Sandra had also expressed that she still had hope. “Of course I still love you. I could continue to be with you, but I need a little more time,” she admitted to Juliano in the one-to-one conversation.

Source: celebtap.com