Kate Merlan (36) and Jakub Merlan-Jarecki (27) wanted to save their marriage. After only a year of relationship, the two reality stars sailed into the port of marriage. But their happiness in love was short-lived, because a few months after the fairytale wedding, Kate and Jakub went their separate ways. The former lovebirds met again at Prominent Separate. Now the two explained why they decided to participate in the reality show together.

“We took part because we really didn’t speak to each other before. It was just not possible for us to interact together,” explained Jakub at the “Prominent Separated” reunion YouTube. He also added: “I thought maybe it could be a place where it works again.” Kate didn’t comment on the question as the tattoo model fought back tears.

Nevertheless, Kate made it clear that a love comeback with her estranged husband was out of the question. In a question and answer session Instagram she blurted out: “There were always advances, which were very nice, until he ruined everything again.” Accordingly, the reality star no longer trusts Jakub.

Source: celebtap.com