Katherine Heigl (44) is a successful actress and mother of three children. After adopting her first daughter in 2009, the ’27 Dresses’ actress worried about how she would connect with her child despite her job. She decided to leave California with her family. Her new home in Utah is her haven of peace and retreat. But why exactly did Katherine and her husband move their children here?

In an interview with E! News Katherine now explains why she chose to live away from Hollywood. Utah also spoke to her and husband Josh, 43, about the opportunities for their children. “I didn’t know how to raise her in Los Angeles. Here I can keep an eye on everything, see who her friends are, what they do, what their hobbies are.”, explains the mother of three. On her ranch in Utah, she can enjoy a slower, quieter life with her family, where she can also leave everyday Hollywood life behind.

Not only Katherine, her husband and their three children have found a home on their ranch in Utah. As is typical of the farm, eight dogs and three cats have also moved in with the family – but she is not allowed to adopt more animals: “My husband will leave me if I bring another animal,” she jokes.

Source: celebtap.com