In May 2022, Kourtney Kardashian (43) officially married her fiancé Travis Barker (47). After a fun wedding in Las Vegas a month earlier, the two tied the knot in southern Italy. The celebration was a usual mega-event for the Kardashians — some of their famous friends were also on the guest list. After the wedding, Kourtney’s dress was hotly debated: was it beautiful, did it take getting used to? Now Kourtney herself explains what factors went into the design of her wedding dress!

Kourtney now clears in one Instagram-Post on how the cut and design of her dress came about: “The first inspiration for my dress came when Travis and I saw the Guns N’ Roses ‘November Rain’ music video. We weren’t even engaged yet, but we said straight to each other: This is going to be our wedding!” The design of her dress was also inspired by some Blumarine campaigns in the ’90s, in which Monica Bellucci (58) acted as a model. The location of the celebrations also influenced the choice of wedding dress: it should feel as if they had run off to Italy to get married.

Kourtney’s veil also had a personalized touch. The hand-embroidered lace veil featured some of Travis’ tattoos. So does his head tattoo of the Virgin Mary with the words: Family, Loyalty and Respect. “I immediately got goosebumps and knew how important it is”she says.