Natascha Ochsenknecht (58) comments on her relationship with Yeliz Koc (29). Between Natasha Son, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (31), and the reality TV actress is ice age. The former Bachelor candidate accuses the singer of not being interested in their daughter Snow Elanie (1). Yeliz revealed, however, that not all Ochsenknechts would give the child the cold shoulder. now visited Natasha Yeliz and her granddaughter and clarified on this occasion: Between her and Yeliz don’t shed bad blood!

There has been repeated public speculation as to how the relationship between Natasha and Jimis Ex Yeliz looks like today. The designer has not yet commented specifically on this. However, after she disclosed, on the way to Yeliz and little Snow to Hanover, she spoke plainly. “No matter what happened Yeliz is my granddaughter’s mother and I respect her. There’s nothing more to say about that”the 58-year-old spoke up Instagram speedy.

In doing so Natasha nor is it sufficient to reprimand those whom they have in the past because of the relationship Yeliz hastily judged. “How many have slandered and insulted me – I would be a bad grandma/mother? Stand in front of a mirror and reflect. Never judge someone you don’t know.”warned the ex-wife of Uwe Ochsenknecht (67).