He has a clear opinion about her! Evanthia Benetatou (31) seemed quite taken with Paul Janke (41) at the Kampf der Realitystars. The latter always kept a low profile, but the influencer had always raved about the original bachelor. During a date together, the blond boy didn’t seem enthusiastic at all. now betrays Paulwhy it didn’t work out between him and Eva!

At “Battle of the Reality Stars – The Hour After the Moment of Truth” he explains: “I didn’t find her very likeable before.” Then exactly what he had seen in her before crystallized out. “She puts herself above the people […] that has little style for me”, he continues. “In retrospect, the picture I had before is confirmed for me […]. I think it’s a shame that she shoots herself out with such actions,” chats Paul out of.

It didn’t work out with Eva – but she did celebrity flash-Readers are convinced that there is between Paul and Antonia Hemmer (23) sparked properly. In a survey, almost 70 percent of the voters said it was obvious that the two were in love. Antonia, on the other hand, already explained that she and Paul just get along well.

Source: celebtap.com