Prince Louis (5) suddenly disappeared! A historic moment happened in Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday: King Charles (74) was officially crowned the new British monarch. Numerous guests attended the ceremony and followed the events with great excitement. Among them was little Prince Louis. In the meantime, however, there was no trace of the Mini-Royal!

During the ceremony, the five-year-old was actually sitting next to his sister Princess Charlotte (8). But as the cameras caught, the place remained empty in the meantime. But where was Louis? According to information from The Sun Charles’ grandson allowed himself a little nap in the church premises – that was planned from the start. Towards the end of the coronation procedure, he was back on time and seemed much more rested.

Tonight is the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle. It is unclear whether Louis and his siblings will take part – after all, the stage spectacle does not start until around 8 p.m. British local time – maybe it’s already bedtime for the royal cheeky rascal.