Even friends of theirs struggle with their same name! Twilight star Taylor Lautner (31) and his wife Taylor Dome said yes after four years of relationship. Since their marriage last year, it has been joked that there will be two from now on Taylor Lautners in Hollywood. Now, Taylor and his wife are revealing what their friends call them to avoid confusion!

A few days ago, the lovebirds revealed on the talk show “today”that even her closest friends and family sometimes have trouble telling the two apart because of their names. To prevent this, their loved ones gave the couple nicknames: “We’ve got something like ‘Boy Tay’ and ‘Girl Tay’ going”reveals the actor in an interview.

Even before the wedding bells rang for the two, the “Twilight” star gave his wife the nickname Tay. Surprisingly, “Boy Tay” and “Girl Tay” aren’t the only celebrity couple to share the same name. Dancing with the Stars professional Witney Carson (29) married her husband Carson McAllister in 2016 – although he did not take her last name…

Source: celebtap.com