That’s why we haven’t heard anything from her for so long! Romina Palm (23) is a successful influencer and model. The 23-year-old became known in 2021 through her participation in the casting show Germany’s Next Topmodel. Romina had been assigned to food blogger Stefano Zarrella (32) since 2019. The couple only made their engagement public in the summer of 2021, but the two surprisingly separated in March. Now Romina told why she didn’t get in touch after the breakup for a long time.

In the YUM YUM HUSTLERS Podcast chatted the model out of the box and reported on the hard time after the breakup. Accordingly, she went to her parents in the village. “I deleted Instagram and TikTok from my phone, it felt really good”, Romina admitted. She also explained: “I was completely focused on myself and dealt with myself.”

Only recently did the influencer give an insight into her new phase of life. So she moved into a new apartment with her dog. “I can walk to a huge field where I’ve been walking so much with Balu the last few days”, she reported online. She is looking forward to sharing her new life with her fans.