The No Angels surprised their fans with great news in early 2021 – the very first pop stars band celebrated their big comeback! Sandy Mölling (42), Lucy Diakovska (47), Nadja Benaissa (41) and Jessica Wahls (46) recorded a new version of their hit “Daylight In Your Eyes” and went on tour. But one member of the original constellation was missing. Now Vanessa Petruo (43) explains why she was missing from the no-angels comeback!

On their Instagramprofile, the former band member now takes a stand. “As some of you know, my life has taken a different direction since the band broke up over 20 years ago”, emphasizes the 43-year-old. The decision was anything but easy for her. “But I never lost my passion for music. It just changed into a different form – I enjoy making music privately and expressing my creative energies in a different way,” she adds.

Besides, it is vanessa important to emphasize that there is no dispute between her and the No Angels gave. “We just grew apart and are now going different ways”she clarifies and enthuses: “I will always cherish our time together in the band and am grateful for the wonderful memories we created together.”