Sparks fly between the two of them! The reality stars Yasin Mohamed (31) and Carina Nl are at the start of the current season of Ex on the Beach. While Yasins Ex Paulina Ljubas (26), who is now mourning him dramatically, is already tying up the 31-year-old with the next lady – with her Carina. celebrity flash wanted to know more about it now: Why is it Yasin Carina so hot?

In an exclusive conversation with celebrity flash the basketball player reveals why he had his eye on the blonde of all things: “I found Carina optically simply mega appealing and her relaxed and cool manner caught my eye right from the start.” But also Carina seems very taken with the hottie. “I find him super hot and I would have liked to have grabbed him right away,” reveals the beauty in front of the cameras.

celebrity flash recently asked his readers if they think that Yasin and Carina make out on “Ex on the Beach”. The result was clear: 381 people – ie 92.7 percent of the readers – believe that there will definitely be a kiss between the two. Only 30 people – ie 7.3 percent of the readership – think that there is a mismatch between the two [Stand: 8. Mai 2023, 17.16 Uhr].