The coveted Sony console is now readily available, but getting your hands on it at a bargain price isn’t that easy. If you’re quick, grab the PS5 with the new Hogwarts Legacy Bundle at the best price.


Probably the best PS5 offer right now: “Hogwarts Legacy” alone is a reason for many to buy a PS5. Now, with the increased availability of the PlayStation 5, the deals are getting more attractive, and the latest deal is a treat, especially for Harry Potter fans. The PS5 with drive is available at MediaMarkt including the Harry Potter game for only 569 euros. With a suggested retail price of 549 euros for the disc version of the PS5, you actually only pay 20 euros for the game and you save 50 euros. For the PS5 with disc drive, there is currently no better offer!

PlayStation 5 bundle with “Hogwarts Legacy” at MediaMarkt*

A dream of Harry Potter fans

Harry Potter fans around the world are currently in a state of emergency. What used to be just a bold dream in the heart of every Potterhead is now a reality: In the game “Hogwarts Legacy” you can explore the halls of Hogwarts as a Slytherin, explore Hogsmeade as a Hufflepuff or encounter fantastic animals as a Gryffindor. Whichever you choose, you create your own Hogwarts story. Our colleagues at GamePro were absolutely thrilled with “Hogwarts Legacy” and gave it a dream score of 89 points.

Where else can you get the PS5?

At Amazon there is the PlayStation 5 with drive including the mega hit “God Of War Ragnarök” for 619 euros. All other PS5 offerings on Amazon are currently not recommended as they are not sold directly by Amazon and are therefore usually overpriced. It is definitely worth taking a look here.

Playstation 5 bundle with “God Of War Ragnarok”*

If the console drive isn’t important to you, you can save even more money with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. MediaMarkt also offers the Digital Edition in a bundle with “God of War Ragnarök”. At €519, this bundle is the cheapest way to get started with the latest PlayStation generation. The Digital Edition without the game bundle is still sold out almost everywhere.

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition “God of War Ragnarök” Bundle at MediaMarkt*

Next-generation technology that’s just plain fun

Whichever edition or bundle you choose, you’re sure to enjoy it. With great games like The Last of Us, Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring and the aforementioned God of War Ragnarök, there are already a large number of masterpieces available. Sony’s console not only impresses with true 4K next-gen graphics and a smooth frame rate, but also with extremely short loading times and easy operation thanks to the blazing fast SSD hard drive.

Steven Spielberg was set to direct the first Harry Potter movie, but he turned down the offer for a damn good reason

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