Ina from Coupleontour is finally allowed to go home! Last summer she suffered a serious stroke. Shortly before her wife Nessi gave birth to her first daughter, the influencer even fell into a coma. After several operations on her head, she has since been fighting her way back to life with numerous therapies. The network celebrity soon wants to move into a new house with her family. Now Ina’s release date from the clinic has finally been set!

On Instagram Nessi reveals when her wife can come home. “The discharge date is between June 2nd and June 5th. One of the days is going home after 10.5 months in hospital.”, she reports. Exactly which day it is depends on how quickly Ina’s room in the clinic can be cleared out: “Of course, a lot has accumulated in ten months. You have to see what you want to take with you and what you want to leave there.”

Despite all the anticipation, the young family is worried about the future. “I’m also very afraid of the coming time, Ina too, because it’s just so much”, admits Nessi. Outside the hospital, it is difficult to make the necessary therapies possible for the 27-year-old – while she currently has treatments every day, this is then only possible once a week.