In the last episode, the six followers at Germany’s next top model caused a lot of hustle and bustle! Some of the candidates who were there from the start found it quite unfair that the chief judge Heidi Klum (49) was letting new participants move into the villa at such a late point in time. However, Zuzel and Charlene had to pack their bags straight away. The GNTM fans are really excited about the remaining latecomers Ina, Nicole, Marielena, Meike!

On the official Instagram-Page of “Germany’s next top model” now after the episode has been broadcast, numerous fans are commenting on the new title contenders – and the comments are mostly very positive! “Marielena and Nicole – and of course Ida – are my favorites. I have rarely seen such beautiful women.”“The new models are great and really beautiful” or “Beautiful women! I think it’s good with the best-ager models,” enthused three users, for example.

But why did the substitutes arrive so late on the set in the first place? Explained in the GNTM episode Heidi the exact circumstances: Among other things, there were problems with the visa. “It takes an unbelievably long time until this stamp comes on it at the office and you can finally come to me in America – and then came the quarantine et cetera…”added her.