Who is hiding under the remaining masks? At The Masked Singer, celebrities slip into a costume made for them and sing on the big show stage every week. Your goal: not to be recognized! Three masks have already been lifted: the kangaroo turned out to be crime scene star Jan Josef Liefers (58), the raccoon as moderator Daniel Boschmann (42) and pop star Marianne Rosenberg (68) was under the mushroom. The fans already have some ideas as to which other stars are hiding under the magnificent covers!

In the JoynMe app the viewers of “The Masked Singer” can give their tips on which celebrities will perform in the elaborate costumes this year. The fans seem to be pretty sure about some masks – especially the Diamantula! A full 85 percent vote for singer Patricia Kelly (53). The high, disguised voice of the toast is also familiar to some viewers: Comedienne Tahnee is supposed to lead the viewers on the wrong track with her talent for imitation! The fans also seem to be sure about the seahorse: it should be about Jan Josef Liefers‘ Mrs. Anna Loos (52) acting.

In the case of the cute terrycloth elephant, on the other hand, moderator Melissa Khalaj (33) is in first place with some distance. However, some also think of reality star Evelyn Burdecki (34) when it comes to the mask. The viewers also seem to be divided as to whether they should suspect Silbermond frontwoman Stefanie Kloß (38) or Bauer sucht Frau presenter Inka Bause (54) with the hedgehog. The Schuhschnabel doesn’t just drive the jury to despair. The app is meanwhile tapping on the singers Luca Hänni (28), Nico Santos (30) and Samu Haber (47).

Source: celebtap.com