The second mask falls! Tonight the big The Masked Singer finale takes place: For the big showdown, Ruth Moschner (47) and Rea Garvey (50), together with last year’s winner, Daniel Donskoy, guess one last time who is hiding behind the elaborate costumes. The first thing that evening was the terry cloth elephant saying goodbye. The presenter Melissa Khalaj (33) hid behind the mask with the trunk and the big ears. Now another celebrity had to leave the show…

In the second round of the final show, the funny characters sang along Daniel – but one candidate could not convince the viewers: Mystica has to go! But who is hiding behind the big spider? Patricia Kelly (53)!

“It was incredible, it was a bit like climbing Mount Everest. [Es war] a personal journey for me. […] I was so scared, it’s so hard and I’m so grateful!”, the singer was happy after her exit. So only the hedgehog and the shoebill fight for the coveted victory. Who do you think should win? Vote below!