Jan Josef Liefers (58) was the kangaroo! This surprise awaited The Masked Singer fans on Saturday night. The crime scene star had given his all in his performance of Robin Thicke’s (46) “Blurred Lines”, but in the end he got the fewest votes from the audience – and thus had to reveal his identity. What Jan was probably going through his mind when he took off his mask? Here are his first words…

“This is absolutely the craziest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve done a lot of crazy things”proclaimed Jan after its unveiling. The past few days of training have also been extremely strenuous: “I think I’ve lost six kilos here.” Nevertheless, the actor had a lot of fun with “The Masked Singer”: “I would have liked to have been there,” he emphasized afterwards editor. “I can only say to everyone who hasn’t yet dared to take part here: dare!”

Although was Jan only in one show – but a few fans recognized the TV star by his voice! Rate team star Rea Garvey (49) also bet on him. Otherwise names like Kool Savas (48), Til Schweiger (59) or Götz Alsman fell. What did you think of his “The Masked Singer” performance as the kangaroo? Vote!

Source: celebtap.com