Caro Daur (28) is currently enjoying her life to the fullest! The influencer has long worked her way up to become one of the faces of the German online world and is internationally successful. The men would have to stand in line! The model keeps her private life out of the public eye for the most part – the separation from her partner Tommi Schmitt (34) has not yet been confirmed. But now it could Caro hook up with a billion heir!

Published within a few weeks Caro namely two photos of himself and Frédéric Arnault. He is the youngest son of Bernard Arnold (74) – CEO and founder of the LVMH empire, which includes 75 luxury brands such as Dior. The photos show the pair having dinner in London in April and hitting the gym in New York in May. There she was a brand ambassador for Tiffany and Co. – which also belongs to the Arnault empire. At the Tiffany party it should be between Caro and Frédéric “crackled”, like an insider Colorful reported. The two also left the event together, accompanied by three other visitors.

With the Arnaults is Caro It’s no longer just a business connection – Frédéric’s older brother Alexandre and his wife have become their friends. That’s why she stayed in New York to celebrate Alexandre’s birthday. The wealth of the head of the family Bernard is estimated at 237 billion dollars, which makes him the richest person in the world at the moment.