This is surprising news. The Flash will premiere at CinemaCon in Las Vegas in April 2023. This is also a cause for joy for all German DC fans, even if you certainly won’t be there.

Warner Bros.

It is a rare exception that blockbusters are screened sometime before the cinema release. But as Variety is now reporting, Warner and DC are rumored to be showing “The Flash” at CinemaCon, which takes place in Las Vegas in late April 2023, about six weeks before it hits theaters in mid-June 2023.

CinemaCon is a trade show for North American movie theater operators, showcasing the great programming they have to offer audiences for the rest of the year. Now you might dismiss that, “Okay, so some Americans get to see The Flash, but I don’t run theater in the US, I’m not in Vegas, so why should I care?” A lot, at least if you look forward to good DC movies…

Warner is convinced: “The Flash” is really good!

Because showing a film so early is a risk. Most cinema operators won’t say they’ve just seen rubbish (but you should still buy a ticket from them quickly), but there is also press on site. If a movie ended badly there, it would circulate quickly and do massive damage to the work. Therefore, no studio will show a film at the event where negative reactions are feared.

On the contrary: The fact that Warner wants to show “The Flash” there so early clearly indicates that they believe they have a very, very good movie on hand here. So DC fans should be excited about this news. There’s a lot to suggest that despite all the problems in the production, from changes to postponements to the scandals surrounding protagonist Ezra Miller, here’s a good result at the end. Incidentally, new DC Studios boss James Gunn recently praised “The Flash” over the green clover, speaking of one of the best superhero movies he’s ever seen.

Prototype “Top Gun 2: Maverick”

Incidentally, a blockbuster was also shown at CinemaCon 2022 a few weeks before the cinema release. Studio Paramount previewed Top Gun 2: Maverick last year. The enthusiastic response to it then went viral on the internet and really fueled the hype for the “Top Gun” sequel. The rest is history. The pilot starring Tom Cruise hit the box office, landed on numerous leaderboards and was the highest grossing movie of 2022 until just a year ago, before “Avatar 2: The Way Of Water” started.

With The Flash, Warner is probably hoping that Paramount’s Top Gun 2: Maverick can be replicated. Whether “The Flash” is actually any good remains to be seen, but DC fans and friends of superhero comic book adaptations can now look forward to summer’s theatrical release with optimism (as well as look forward to early reactions in late April).

German cinema release of “the flash“ is then on June 15, 2023.