Even though The Big Bang Theory ended 4 years ago, the series is still talked about a lot. Especially since some puzzles still haven’t gotten a good answer. For example, the truth about Penny’s pig Moondance.


In The Big Bang Theory, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) mentions that she once had a pet pig. What really happened to the animal remained unanswered even after the end of the series. At least when it comes to a uniform answer. Because “The Big Bang Theory” has given several answers to what happened to Penny’s pig — and it didn’t end so well for the curly-haired four-legged friend.

Penny’s pet pig, whom she loved very much, is mentioned twice in the series. But the question many viewers ask themselves is: How exactly did it die and what happened next? The answers from “The Big Bang Theory” leave you scratching your head.

What happened to Penny’s pig?!

In Season 7 Episode 22 (“The Marry Me Face”), Penny and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) head out to attend Dr. Proton (Bob Newhart) to attend. Penny then explains to Leonard that she has never attended a funeral because she didn’t know anyone who had died. But then the tragic revelation: Penny says she once had a pet pig, but when it died there was no funeral, just a barbecue.

Pretty tricky stuff, but one that Penny can talk about in peace, because it seems like a while since her pet pig landed on her plate. Now the big but: In the third episode (“Feynmans Van”) of the ninth season, Penny learns from her father that her little piggy Moondance was hit by his tractor’s new tiller and therefore had to be killed by the vet shortly afterwards. Penny’s father kept the incident a secret from his daughter for nearly a year.

How does that work? So Moondance could have lived into Season 7 and, in fact, never made it to the grill. But maybe the story also has a logical catch because Penny was thwarted by her memory? Or maybe they were two different pigs: While Moondance was her favorite and was buried after the accident, another unnamed pig ended up on the grill. However, that’s just a theory and the screenwriters haven’t commented on it yet.

But there’s another problem: because in the ninth season, Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) jokes that Penny’s family could have eaten moondance. Penny isn’t happy about this at all (but in a way she couldn’t imagine), though in season 7 she spoke exactly about her pet pig being eaten. It will probably never be fully explained how it all actually ended. In stark contrast to another The Big Bang Theory conundrum, as you can read here:

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