With the bestseller adaptation of “Der Schwarm”, one of the most expensive German series of all time can be found from today in the ZDF media library and streamed for free – at least the first three episodes. We explain how to proceed afterwards.

When reading “The Swarm” you ask yourself one question on its 987 pages: When will this work of science fiction be made into a movie? Because the spectacular locations where the story takes place, the many different characters and of course the highly topical major and minor natural disasters are made for moving, lush images on the big screen. In 2006, two years after the publication of the book, it was already quite clear that it would one day come to that. Frank Schätzing, author of “Der Schwarm”, then revealed that even Hollywood was interested in an adaptation of his work. Now it has finally been filmed – albeit differently than expected.

The book did not become a movie, but one of the most expensive German series of all time, told in eight episodes. Starting today, February 22, 2023 at 10 a.m., the first three episodes of “The Swarm” at the ZDF media library found and can be streamed. Three more episodes will follow on March 1 and the last two will be available on March 8.

Those who prefer to watch linear TV also have the option. From 6 to 9 March, two episodes of “Der Schwarm” will be broadcast every evening at 8.15 pm (prime time!).

That’s what “The Swarm” is about

As mentioned earlier, any reader should quickly realize that “The Swarm” has a lot of moving picture potential. That the realization of such a sci-fi project would be expensive was certainly no surprise. The series cost 40 million euros and behind the camera was even ‘Game Of Thrones’ producer Frank Doelger. But what is “The Swarm” actually about?

“The Swarm” tells of a mysterious organism that is gradually spreading through the oceans and attacking people. First of all, these are just isolated cases. Fishermen disappear, whales and crabs behave aggressively and boats capsize for no apparent reason. Even the scientists don’t understand the problems. As incidents pile up and events repeat, biologist Sigur Johanson (Alexander Karim) tries to figure out what has changed the seas. It soon becomes clear that all of humanity is facing a catastrophe and that rescue seems almost hopeless…

The first three episodes of “Der Schwarm” can be found from February 22 (Wednesday) in the ZDF media library, but pay attention to the time: they are only available from 10:00 am.

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