Who is one step closer to victory? In “The Unbeatables – Who Beats the Stars?” celebrities compete against other candidates. In a previous episode, Oliver Pocher (45) already faced an incredible challenge: the entertainer was set on fire in a challenge. His opponent lost several matches – Olli emerged victorious and scored points for his team. Also in the current episode, some celebrities face tough tasks.

Joachim Llambi (58) has to cross a lake in a hollowed-out pumpkin – and goes down miserably. Max Mutzke (41) has to stand in the ice hockey goal in Sweden and save five shots from a professional – in the end, however, his challenger is a bit better. After that it was 2-0 for the challengers. At the end, Simon Gosejohann (47) climbs into the Tower of Terror – the roller coaster with the highest G-force. In between, he and his opponent have to eat more or less tasty snacks. In the first round, the comedian eats a cow’s foot. After five trips, however, the doctor forbade the two to continue and it ended in a tie. The grand finale is next week.

However, the format tends to fall through with the viewers. “Seems to me like the boring imitation of ‘Joko vs. Klaas'”recruits Twitter-User sobering notes. “Okay, the show is not for me” and “Phew, it’s produced lengthy and therefore unfortunately more sleepy than entertaining” share two other opinions.

Source: celebtap.com