Is this extended family haunted? The Wollnys is a docu-soap that has been reporting on the life of the extended family since 2015. The series started with the life of the family of thirteen, consisting of eight children still living at home and Mama Silvia Wollny (58). The TV family has been living in their house for many years, but an invisible guest is said to be causing trouble. The daughters Estefania Wollny (21) and Loredana Wollny (19) are certain: a ghost is up to mischief in the house!

In a current episode of the series, the sisters are very afraid of the basement of their more than 100-year-old family home. According to them, the basement brings negative energies.
Peter then goes into the depths of the house. Meanwhile, Loredana is still certain: “It’s haunted in our house. Every evening my room door opens alone.” When it comes to ghosts, the girls don’t take a joke.

The family also talks about the alleged house spirit in large groups. Mother Silvia says that there used to be a hotel and a post office in her house. Although she believes in ghosts, she cannot imagine that one is up to mischief in her house. Since Loredana and Estefania are still sure, they delve into the history of the house and go on a ghost hunt themselves.