Theo Epstein Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Salary, House, Bio
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Theo Epstein, a baseball lover since childhood, is now better known as an American baseball manager. Epstein has made history throughout his career. At 28, he became the youngest general manager in Major League Baseball after being signed by the Boston Red Sox.

Two years after his arrival at the Sox, the team ended its 86-year dry spell by winning the 2004 World Series, and an even greater achievement was achieved in 2016 when the Epstein-led Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in over a century.

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Theo Epstein Bio

Theo Nathaniel Epstein was born into a strict Jewish family on December 29, 1973, and grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts, in New York. He graduated from Brookline High School in 1991. After graduation, he tried out for the school baseball team, but it was no secret that he wanted to work for the Red Sox.

He moved to an Ivy League university, more specifically Yale University, where he was sports editor of the university newspaper, the Yale Daily News. He used this medium to contact various teams through letters, showing them that he had developed an interest and wanted to work for them.

Theo Epstein Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Salary, House, Bio
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His most successful letter reached the managing director of Baltimore Orioles, Calvin Hill, who fortunately for Theo was a graduate of Yale. Calvin invited him for an interview, which proved fruitful, and he then interned with the Baltimore Orioles for 3 summers.

Theo Epstein graduated with a degree in American Studies in 1995, and his internship and interviews at the Baltimore Celtics were not in vain when he was hired as their PR assistant.

After his time with the Orioles, he moved with Lucchino to San Diego Padres to work as Director of Player Development. During his time there, he used it as a window to earn a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego. Eventually, he worked his way up to the position of Director of Baseball Operations.

Soon after, Lucchino left the Padres at Epstein’s side to become President and CEO of the Red Sox on November 15, 2001. Lucchino made Epstein interim managing director at the end of the 2002 season to replace Mike Port. During his first term as General Manager of the Red Sox, he made significant contributions to the team, including trading with Nomar Garciaparra and extensive contract negotiations.

The newly added players proved crucial and decisive for the Red Sox’ first world championship since 1918 when they won the St. Louis Cardinals in 2004.

For personal reasons, Epstein resigned on 31 October 2005 and also turned down a possible $1.5 million per year contract. However, he remained a part of the team from the outside, and on January 12, 2006, he and the team announced his return to the team, not only as GM (General Manager) but also as the new Executive Vice President. But Epstein moved on again on October 12, 2011, when he signed an $18.5 million contract with the Chicago Cubs as their new president.

Theo Epstein’s Family, Wife, and Son

Theo Epstein married his long-time girlfriend and lover, Marie Whitney, on 12 January 2007. The wedding was a very private affair, details of the event are, to say the least, still sketchy.

Theo Epstein Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Salary, House, Bio
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The couple was basically their perfect marriage and has remained happily married to this day. Their marriage is blessed with two sons named Jack – the first and Andrew, the second son. Before marriage, Theo had other love affairs, but was a very private man; therefore, the details of the relationships are unknown.

As mentioned above, Theo Epstein comes from a Jewish family. He has a lesser-known twin brother Paul, his father Leslie Epstein is a novelist and works at Boston University. Theo Epstein’s mother is Ilene Epstein. He has a sister Anya Epstein, who is a well-known screenwriter like his grandfather, Phillip G. Epstein.

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His Net Worth, Salary, and House

Theo’s sports career brings him a fairly high salary, which experts estimate at around 25 million dollars. Although he signed an $18 million contract in 2011, it was soon to be eclipsed when he signed another five-year contract worth around $50 million in 2016, making him one of the highest-earning figures in modern baseball.

It is estimated that Theo Epstein currently has a net worth of around $25 million.

Epstein’s mansion at 3618 North Greenview Avenue has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and other fine facilities. Built in 2010, the building also features a fireplace, formal dining table, outdoor area, basement, and theater space. The president of the Chicago Cubs purchased the 7,800 square foot mansion in November 2011 for $3.5 million.