Theresia Fischer (31) tells her motives. The former Germany’s next top model candidate has gone through a painful process: she had her legs lengthened! She has undergone various operations and interventions over several years and can now look forward to legs that are 14 centimeters longer. But that was probably not really voluntary: Theresia had her legs lengthened for her ex!

in the show “Britt – The Talk” the 30-year-old spoke about the painful procedure. “There was someone I was so dependent on and in bondage to that I said I’ll do it because I knew then I’d get recognition and love.”, Teresa explained. Among other things, her bullying experiences from school played a role and that her partner at the time suggested that longer legs would be even better. “Now this falling in love with this person, who told you that you are not good enough as you are,” concluded the moderator Britt Hagedorn (51), which Theresia then affirmed. She didn’t name a name – but she went through life with Thomas Behrend for the past few years.

In the meantime, however, the model has moved away from the fact that she only did it for her ex and is trying to portray the whole thing differently. “From years of adaptation, to please, to be supposedly loved, to be just an ornament at someone else’s side […]I fought my way out with help (I would never have managed it alone), got to know and love myself and my inner values ​​again”Theresia explains Instagram.