Theresia Fischer (31) closes a chapter! The former Germany’s next top model candidate has had turbulent years: over a long period of time, she had her legs lengthened by 14 centimeters during a painful procedure. The model recently revealed that she did it for the sake of her ex. Now Theresia finally feels free again and goes her own way: She’s modeling again for the first time after leg lengthening!

On Instagram the 31-year-old shares some behind-the-scenes footage from the first photoshoot in a long time. “It’s finally starting again,” enthuses Theresia happily. She wasted so much of her life with leg lengthening and felt insecure, but now she is “stronger than ever”: “And that’s exactly the energy I experienced again yesterday during my first shoot after the leg lengthening procedure!”

Years of bullying had weakened Theresia in her past and allowed her legs to be lengthened in the hope of recognition. But now she wants to set a sign: “I want to show that people who have experienced something like this can regain strength, be more confident than ever in life and look forward again with the help of partners and friends who are honest with you.”she emphasizes in the post.