Reality TV is about to get hotter than ever! A new format should ensure this, which is expected to appear on RTL in April. In Mexico, eight couples were each allowed to move into a villa and try out their wildest sex fantasies in front of the camera. A relationship expert is designed to help participants overcome their fears and control their emotions. But are there really no limits for couples? The “Stranger Sins” participants must observe these rules of conduct!

How Picture now reported, there are said to be some guidelines that lovebirds must follow when experimenting. Among other things, the participants were encouraged to have “only protected sexual intercourse”. “However, it was only a request, not a demand,” reports one candidate. When dealing with alcohol, one should pay attention to one’s own limits – a benevolent wink smiley is attached to the rules. In addition, no unwanted liquids should get into the pool. This of course means sun oil, which could otherwise cause the water to tip over.

Since the villas and main mansion are located in the middle of the jungle, some rules relate to the unfamiliar environment. A respectful treatment of nature and keeping away from animals such as poisonous scorpions, spiders and snakes is therefore required. But the sex-hungry people also have to pay attention to cleanliness and order on the set. Under no circumstances should they approach the technology, because the many hidden cameras are indispensable for the experiment. “Right the first night we had sex and heard the cameras buzzing”reported one of the couples.