Who will deal with him at the coronation? Prince Harry (38) has finally agreed to attend the coronation of his father King Charles III. (74) to appear, but his brother Prince William (40) is said to want to show him the cold shoulder at the celebration. Most of the family should also have no interest in interacting with the disgraced prince – except for his cousins ​​Princess Beatrice (34) and Princess Eugenie (33)!

As opposed to an insider Daily Mail claims much of the royal family and guests are not planning to engage in more than small talk with Harry. Only his two cousins ​​Eugenie and Beatrice are said to be more positive about the prince and therefore an “exception”., the insider explained further. Harry is closer to his two cousins ​​than to the rest of the family. That’s how he and Eugenie have met since his royal exit at sporting events in America.

Another insider spoke opposite Daily Mail already in 2022 about Prince Harry’s relationship with his younger cousin Princess Eugenie: “Harry and Eugenie have been close since childhood. They have the same sense of humor. She is also friends with Meghan, […] she will not let him down. [Eugenie] is very loyal and will not take sides.”

Source: celebtap.com