Prince George (9) probably shares his passion for films with his father! After all, Prince William (40) is even President of BAFTA – the British Academy for Film and TV. At events around this year’s BAFTAs, William and his wife Duchess Kate (41) spoke unusually openly about their children and their favorite films. But which movie does Prince George like the most?

Mirror now reports that when asked about George’s favorite movie, William and Kate had different answers. One of them was the Disney classic “The Lion King”. During a post-BAFTA meet-and-greet, the heir to the throne explained: “George is quite fond of The Lion King. We’ve seen it a few times.” But “How to Train Your Dragon” should also be on George’s list of favorite films.

George’s sister Charlotte is also a fan of Disney films. While traveling for the anniversary events in the UK, the young princess was spotted dancing to songs from Encanto. In addition to the Disney hits, the British classic “Paddington Bear” should also regularly flicker across the screens in the palace.