These singles are taking their time! At Bauer sucht Frau International, some animal lovers again tried their luck at finding love. Some of them also with success: pony breeder Katrin and her Marc are now in a happy relationship. And horse breeder Johannes and his Flo were also getting more and more serious. But some others probably need a little more time with their chosen ones. These TV farmers are still dating!

“I’m glad I found the man for life”, says Astrid, for example. The lady-in-waiting even visited Tom again in Australia – and the two want to see each other again. Things went so well for Karl-Heinz with his lady-in-waiting, Conny, because he sent her home as soon as they met for the first time. But the Italian-by-choice contacted her again later and now the two talk on the phone every day.

At Werner and Leonie, the situation seems a bit more complicated – first they admit that they want to get to know each other further, but then the hobby farmer reveals: “I think we’re good friends.” The prospective social worker also needs more time. A little later, however, they toast to a possible future together. “In my gut, she could be the one for me”, suspects the trained chef. That’s why the two continue to work on a common future.