Alicia Keys (42) is celebrating her 13th wedding anniversary this year! The singer and her partner Swizz Beatz (44) married in Corsica in 2010. The two native New Yorkers met each other when they were young. But it wasn’t until many years later that sparks sparked between the two. Today the parents of two sons are happier than ever. now betrays Alicia the secret of her happiness in love!

“You have to remember why you’re in love, why you like each other, what you find interesting about each other”chats the 42-year-old in an interview Wall Street Journal. And to become aware of that, it takes time that you as a couple have to take for each other. “This time together with you and your partner is so priceless,” explains the mother of two. Even if this is often difficult to cope with in everyday life with children, errands and career, the time freed up has a positive effect on the partnership in the end, says the 15-time Grammy award winner.

For the twelfth wedding anniversary, the beauty shared a photo series Instagram, on which the lovebirds beam happily in competition. “We still have the same stars in our eyes and it’s only getting better! […] We set each other free. We love each other with open arms and an open heart,” enthused the vocal wonder, expressing her joy at twelve years of marriage together: “Twelve years! Full of pure love. There is no love more precious than this.”