Ben Melzer and Sissi Hofbauer (27) have become “The Melzers”! After the civil wedding on Wednesday, the dream wedding on Santorini followed. In an emotional ceremony with only the 50 most important people in their lives, the couple said yes after more than four years together. On the big day of the two there were smiling faces, but also many tears of joy. In the celebrity flash– Report interview Sissy and Ben how their wedding went!

After the ceremony were sissy first words to celebrity flash: “Every girl, every woman dreams of this day early on. And my wait is over. I couldn’t be happier.” Ben is the love of her life. The TV star can hardly believe his luck either: “I’ve arrived! 1000%. When I look at Mrs. Melzer, that’s all I can do!” Even the wedding shots just sparkle with love and other positive emotions.

The two also report that after the romantic wedding it went on to a secret party location. Finally, upon arrival, there was a subtle fireworks display to top off the festivities. Like the two opposite celebrity flash revealed, the party went on until five in the morning! However, before they return to Germany, the newly married couple will enjoy a few more days on the Greek island.