Love knows no age, right? A month ago, TikTok star Garry Secret and former Bachelor candidate Yasmin Vogt (24) made their relationship official. There was a lot of criticism because of their age difference – the beauty is six years older than her lover. The newlywed couple gives regular insights into their love life on social media. celebrity flash has now asked the two: how to go garry and Yasmin deal with criticism of their love?

At this year’s Bild-Renntag on May 1st celebrity flash to the two lovebirds. When asked how the couple deal with the criticism of their age difference, the 18-year-old gives a clear answer: “As you can probably see from our videos, we’re very humorous about it. I mean we laugh about it and as long as we’re happy we don’t care about the comments.”

The 24-year-old also made it clear why the duo keep getting the age issue rolling on social networks. “If it were the other way around, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. If he were older, nobody would say anything and I think today there is still such a pigeonhole thinking.”explained Yasmin in an exclusive interview.