They’re a really big family. The former Big Brother winner Silvia Wollny (58) has eleven children. Some of them have since become parents themselves. In the meantime, the mother of eleven is already the grandmother of 17 grandchildren! Nevertheless, the 58-year-old still lives under one roof with almost all of her kids. celebrity flash was curious and has now asked: Can Sylvia ever imagine living without their children?

In the exclusive celebrity flash-Interview at this year’s Bild-Renntag, the TV celebrity was asked how it would be for her if her kids would gradually move out and the singer would have to live without her offspring. “I don’t think my kids will move out. For that reason alone, they have their own apartments inside this big property. Why would that happen? But if they did, then that’s just the way it is.”Silvia made clear in the conversation.

In addition to their huge home in Ratheim, the extended family also has a large holiday home in Turkey with six apartments – so that each family member has their own privacy and space. But perhaps the Wollnys will soon have to expand again, because grandchildren number 18 and 19 are already on the way and will certainly not be long in coming…