Were Lisa Marie Straube (22) and Furkan Akkaya paired up? At the beginning of April, Instagram awareness and the Too Hot To Handle: Germany candidate caused rumors of love. After much speculation, the two then confirmed that they are a couple. Since then, they have shown the lovebirds in love online and are public about their relationship. Lisa is giving more and more insights and now reveals how she and her boyfriend met.

On their Instagramprofile, the 22-year-old passed the time with a question and answer session. A fan of her wanted to know how the beauty and her loved one met. “Through our mutual friend Jona Steinig (27)”betrayed Lisa. If it weren’t for their pal, the couple might never have crossed paths — or at least not at some point in the future. However, Lisa did not want to reveal any more details.

However, she said in an interview that she could imagine being part of a TV show with Akka. “We would have a lot of fun in formats in which good cooperation and teamwork are important. We see ourselves in formats in which you solve tasks as a team.”Lisa explained watson.

Source: celebtap.com