Madelyn Cline (25) took on every hurdle for Fashion Week! The young actress’ career has skyrocketed in recent years. She is best known for her role in the Netflix series Outer Banks and in the hit crime thriller Glass Onion. But her fans also look up to her when it comes to fashion – she has already been a guest at the Pariser Fashion Week. For that he had to madelyn but smuggled to France without a passport!

The American’s trip to Europe definitely didn’t go according to plan. Before embarking on their journey to Paris Fashion Week went, have madelyn namely a trip to Italy planned. Not a problem in itself, but the beauty suddenly couldn’t find her passport there anymore! Although she received an emergency passport, she was not allowed to go to France with it. A “no” was not an option for the 25-year-old! How madelyn nevertheless made it to Paris, she reveals in the “The Late Late Show with James Corden”: “36 hours later I’m in a Sprinter under a blanket and driving across the Italian-French border.”

With this action, the actress proved that she is very similar to her role Sarah Cameron in “Outer Banks”! Fans of the series can at least be happy: the makers of the series had opposite deadline namely announced that there will be supplies from the Pogues! “We can as part of a fourth season of ‘Outer Banks‘ design more exciting twists and highlights in the series”they had announced the good news.