That comes as a surprise! Elton John (76) is one of the most successful singers of recent decades and is the face behind songs like “Sacrifice” or “Your Song”, which are now considered musical classics. He also made the song “Rocket Man” famous and it was one of his first hits. But in fact, the partner of David Furnish (60) did not know what the play was about in terms of content. Now learned Elton the true meaning behind “Rocket Man”!

Via Instagram shared the 75-year-old a video, in which he chats with Bernie Taupin, who co-wrote the well-known song. The songwriter said: “The track was inspired by a classic short story by Ray Bradbury. There was a story in that book called ‘The Rocket Man’ and it was about the future of the astronaut’s job becoming a day-to-day occupation. ” He stated: “That astronaut story then became my template for the song.” Elton seemed visibly surprised and said to his interlocutor: “I actually didn’t know that.”

Nonetheless, the song was a smash hit, reaching double platinum status. Elton’s The success story continues to this day – in recent months he has been able to storm the charts through collaborations with Dua Lipa (27) and Britney Spears (41). The hits “Cold Heart” and “Hold Me Closer” reached top positions and are enjoyed by Elton’s fans great popularity.