Prince George (9) takes on a special task! Today the time has finally come and King Charles III. (74) is officially crowned head of the British monarchy. During this important ceremony, his grandson and second heir to the throne also takes on an important role. So far, it has not been entirely clear what role the mini-royal will play – but that quickly became clear when the king arrived. George stands by his grandfather’s side!

After Charles got out of the magnificent carriage, George could be seen next to the carriage. He stands by his grandfather’s side to help other honored pages carry the king’s cloak. The royal expert Michael Begasse knows opposite RTL: He is the youngest royal page to fill the role. In addition, it was his grandfather’s wish that he take over this part during the ceremony.

How Daily Mail reported a few days ago that his mother Princess Kate (41) revealed that her son was very much looking forward to his role during the coronation. He enthusiastically participated in the rehearsals for the ceremony.