It’s been six full months since “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” made its way to German cinemas. Now anime fans can finally secure the mega hit for their homes.

The 21st “Dragon Ball” film drew millions to Japanese cinemas last June before eventually becoming an internationally acclaimed box office hit. In Germany, fans of the legendary anime universe got their money’s worth on August 30, 2022. For those who missed the movie on screens or can’t wait to put it on their Dragon Ball shelf and watch it again and again, now’s your chance to do so.

Dragon Ball Super: Superhero“ will be released for home theater on May 19, 2023 and is available for pre-order now. And for all those fans who aren’t satisfied with the standard version on DVD* or Blu-ray*, a pre-order could be worthwhile in any case. Amazon also lists a limited DVD edition*, a Steelbook edition* and a Collector’s Edition, both of which come with a DVD and Blu-ray and special packaging.

Collector’s Edition “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” at Amazon*

The limited special editions in particular are already storming the top 100 of the Amazon sales charts – the Collector’s Edition has even conquered number 1 and with it bestsellers such as “Jurassic World: A New Age”, “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness” and ” Violent Night” banished to their places. Further details about the presentation of the collector’s editions are not yet available.

This is Dragon Ball Super: Superhero

That’s what it’s about: Commander Red’s son, Magenta, wants to resurrect the Red Ribbon army, once wiped out by Son Goku, to take revenge. However, he trusts the scientist’s grandson Dr. Gero instructed – so he decides without further ado to pull this on his side by all means. And indeed, the plan works: Dr. Believing the vicious lies about Bulma and her friends, Hedo agrees to research new cyborgs that will become the ultimate weapon.

And so one day Piccolo is attacked by one of those cyborgs called Gamma 2. Although the latter thinks he has taken out his target, Piccolo survived – and now gives chase. He infiltrates the secret base of the new Red Ribbon Army, discovers Magenta’s diabolical plan and, together with Son Gohan and Co., soon comes face to face with their greatest foe yet…

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“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” is the first movie in the series to be made largely with CGI – a decision by director Tetsuro Kodama, who has already made his mark in the field of CGI animation – and the fourth overall in the franchise Creator Akira Toriyama was closely involved.

The film grossed more than $86.6 million worldwide, but was not only a financial success, but also well received by the public and trade press. On the review site Rotten Tomatoes, not only are 95 percent of users positive, but also no less than 93 percent of trade press reviews. In summary, here it is: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero combines beautifully animated action with new character development and is everything fans of the franchise could wish for.

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