It was a sweet moment between King Charles (74) and his son! A few hours ago, the eldest son of the late Queen Elizabeth II (✝96) was crowned England’s head of state. During the ceremony, Prince William (40) got on his knees in front of his father and pledged his loyalty to him. Finally, he gave the monarch a little kiss on the cheek. Charles is said to have addressed these words to his direct heir to the throne!

Loud The Express the 74-year-old is said to have whispered something to William in that brief moment. “Thanks William”, Charles is said to have whispered to the 40-year-old, according to a lip reader. The royal seemed visibly touched when William bent down to him and gave him a little kiss.

The support of his family was extremely important to Charles today. He had campaigned for his grandson Prince George (9) to hold his coat as a page of honor in Westminster Abbey. The little offspring of Princess Kate (41) did a pretty good job!