The Geissens daughters prefer to spend their money on this luxury! Shania (18) and Davina (19) grew up in a life of prosperity thanks to their parents Robert Geiss (59) and Carmen Geiss (57) – they live on the French Mediterranean coast in Monaco. In the meantime, however, they have built up their own mainstay and can thus spend their money independently of the millionaire couple. Now Shania and Davina reveal what the most money is spent on.

In an interview with chat the two siblings out of the sewing box. “I think we spend the most money on shoes, clothes and bags”, says Shania without having to think twice. But the girls probably have different focus when it comes to squandering their income. Davina likes to spend her income on “bags and food” – Shania is totally into “jewellery, clothes and food, of course” and apparently can’t hold back.

Since the sisters are currently sharing a living space in Monaco, they also have this rule for the following accessory: “We do half-half with bags. There are bags that belong to both of us.” However, this is a problem: “We are already thinking about how we will do it in ten years when we no longer live together: Who gets the bags?”