Honest confession! The influencer Jessica Haller (33) now feels very comfortable in her body. The mother of one daughter is very open about the fact that her great appearance is not only based on iron discipline, but also on one or the other beauty procedure. Now she revealed that there was an operation that she later regrets: Jessica would not have any more fat removed!

In your Instagram-Story, she answered the curious questions of her fans, which also included the question of liposuction. The former Bachelorette then found the following words: “I’ve tried a lot and liposuction was also there, but that was years ago.” She makes it very clear that she did not remember this experience positively: “Save that money, that pain, that downtime.”

On social media lets jessica her fans take part in her fitness transformation around the 70-day challenge that she started with her husband Johannes Haller (35). In that span of time, the two have worked hard to get themselves in top physical shape. The influencer is now convinced that the best results can be achieved through discipline and perseverance: “I’ve never looked as fit after any surgery as I did after my challenge. I know it takes discipline, but it’s worth it! And if you really want to, you can achieve anything!”

Source: celebtap.com