This star had to lift his mask! Today was the fourth episode of the popular show The Masked Singer. In this show, a wide variety of stars and starlets hide under elaborate costumes and prove their singing talent with great performances. The advice team around Rea Garvey (49), Ruth Moschner (47) and Beatrice Egli (34) made guesses today as to who could be under the disguises – now the seahorse had to leave the show and this celebrity was hiding underneath!

Anna Loos (52) hid under the seahorse costume! In the duels, the Schuhschnabel, the Hedgehog and the Diamantula were able to assert themselves directly and were thus safe in the semi-finals. Accordingly, the seahorse, the toast and the terrycloth elephant had to tremble. Ultimately could ann with her performance of Dolly Parton’s (77) “Jolene” the least convince the audience.

So far, three stars have had to take off their masks. The mushroom had to leave the show last week. Among them was none other than pop singer Marianne Rosenberg (68). The raccoon was Daniel Boschmann (42) and Jan Josef Liefers (58) was the kangaroo.