What a coincidence! Robbie Williams (49) is currently touring with his band throughout Europe. This event is a must for die-hard fans, because: The singer celebrates all the hits of his 25-year career on the tour. Fetched during a performance robbie any person on stage – it turned out to be the same man he’d plucked from the crowd 20 years earlier!

“I chose someone from the audience to come forward and amazingly I chose the same man I chose 20 years ago in Budapest!”the pop star writes under two photos Instagram. One shows the 49-year-old with the fan in 2003 – the other shows the two today. robbie can’t believe it: “The odds of something like this happening? 174,240,000 to one,” he says, adding, “Nice to see you again, sir. Love, Rob.”

Some of his followers on the web then speculate that it must be fate. As a user writes: “There’s a reason this man is in your life… stay connected!” Another commented, “Wow this is amazing! You two need to do something together!” A third adds: “Magic in Budapest”.

Source: celebtap.com